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For the past 6+ years, I have been writing and editing for an online retailer. While copywriting wasn't my main role with this employer, it became one of my favorite parts of the job. In 2022, I completed a Business & Marketing Writing course and I am continuing studies in this field to improve my skills.


Examples displayed here are taken from marketing promotions, product and design descriptions, and blog posts.

Thanks for reading!

Promoting company and products

Label Aces Since 2000

(Retailer name) has been your online source for premium custom labels, hang tags, coasters, cards, and bookplates for 19 years. We love helping make everything you’re creating, celebrating, and marketing look fantastic!

Personalize gifts and party favors for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays. Professionally label wine, beer, food, home goods, apothecary products, and more. Just add your text and images to our designs or upload your own artwork for printing. Custom sizes and shapes make it easy to get the perfect fit. Our designers finesse every order, polishing the details, so all your products and events look their best.

Product description

Tin gift boxes are made of durable, lightly brushed metal with rounded corners and a hinged clamshell lid that snaps neatly into place when closed. Cute and handy, these little tins are the perfect size for a set or two of hangtags with a bundle of baker’s twine tucked around them. Snug a set of bookplates inside a tin and gift them to your favorite reader. Create a fun, practical presentation for all kinds of compact gifts, or just get a few for keeping your own tiny treasures safe and sound.

Design descriptions

Boston Brew features bold, modern styling and exciting colors set off by old-school retro elements. A thick, blocky main font with a lightly distressed texture suggests printing with worn lead type, leaving little nicks in each letter form. Contrasting drop shadows add a punch of color and dimension to your main words while a banner highlights the supporting text. In the top portion, you get to choose an image from a set of rough-hewn icons, including symbols, plants, animals, food, and stenciled numbers.  Boston Brew is ideal for homebrews, barbecue sauce, and other homemade concoctions. Order it for authentic-looking pub-style coasters or party favor labels; it works especially well for sports-themed celebrations. 

Designed for labeling all your DIY creations, Apothecary Neat keeps it simple with unadorned, homespun styling. Thin dividers neatly organize your information and make everything look balanced even when you leave areas blank. Your main text is set in condensed bold caps alongside a variety of supporting fonts that complement each other perfectly. Italics add emphasis where needed, and a slightly angled retro font (in contrasting color) reads like a rubber stamp of approval. Apothecary Neat looks tidy and official but still feels warmly unassuming - just right for labeling your best homemade goods. 

Vintage appeal with a fresh spin - that’s the story of Gingham. With a simple overlapping checkered pattern that has been around for centuries, gingham keeps making a comeback because it’s so charming, lively and versatile. A classic for all things food-related, Gingham is

a natural for labeling homemade preserves. Simplified styling gives this version a modern look, while holding true to its history as a vintage textile pattern.

Lucky us - for having Creo Chocolate as neighbors!
Being walking distance from a chocolate wonderland makes us really happy. Visit Creo’s alluring cafe for deluxe brownies, brewed cacao, hot chocolate, chocolate soda – and, of course, their signature bars. For the full experience, book a tour of their factory where you’ll get to concoct your very own bar. Creo’s award-winning chocolate is all handcrafted from scratch. They are involved in every aspect of the process, working directly with farmers in Equador and then performing the alchemy of turning dried cacao beans into fabulous chocolate bars, truffles, and even skincare products.

“Creating: Real Chocolate – Real Relationships – Real Change” is the motto at Creo. Their Chocolate for Change program is a sweet example of one way they’re making a difference in the world. The Washu Project helps support farmers, wildlife and the environment. So, if you needed another reason to savor delicious chocolate, this one’s for you.


White, and light-colored text, on a dark background (known as reversed type) can be beautifully striking, giving your design a rich, compelling look. The downside is that it can also be difficult to read, especially when you’re working with small text. While your white text looks perfect on a monitor, the printed version may not show up as well. This is because the darker surrounding ink tends to fill in small, light-colored letters. Here’s the good news: By keeping a few concepts in mind, you can design with reversed type and be sure to keep all your text legible. Spoiler alert: Font and point size make all the difference in getting the best prints.

CHOOSING A FONT: serif vs sans serif, and more

• Sans serif typefaces are easiest to read in reverse type, as long as their letters aren’t too slender.

• Serif fonts can work perfectly well too. Just make sure that their serifs are substantial. Ultra thin serifs can easily disappear in the printing process.

• Opt for typefaces with medium to thick strokes, ones that are sturdy enough to hold their details when printed.

• Most script fonts are too delicate to read well in reversed type. If you do use a script, ensure that it has uniformly thick strokes and make it 10pt or larger.


• All printed text should be at least 5pt to be legible. Even then, it may be difficult to see each letter clearly without reading glasses.

• When using light-colored text on a dark background, it’s a good idea to bump up your small text to at least 6pt. This means that the upper-case letters should be a minimum of .0625″ (1/16″) high.

• Consider widening your letter spacing (also known as tracking) more than usual. Because reversed type tends to look tighter, spacing letters further apart makes text easier to read.

• If possible, test out your light-on-dark text using an office printer to see if your type size reads well.

From email campaigns


Hauntingly silly sayings to make "choosing your poison" extra fun.

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